Latest Updates on the Southern Front of Hudaydah, 2 December 2021

Friday 3 December 2021 - 11:03

ISWNews Analysis Group: Clashes between Ansar Allah and the the Saudi-led forces continued in the Hays area.

On December 1, the 9th Division of the Joint Forces, under the command of the Saudi coalition, carried out a heavy attack on the western front of the al-Marir area, which was initially accompanied by the slight advances. But shortly after, with the heavy counterattack by Ansar Allah, the Saudi-led forces were besieged and they forced to withdrew from the area with suffering heavy losses.
During the conflict, more than 20 military vehicles of the Saudi coalition were destroyed and a number of others were looted by Ansar Allah. Statistics on the number of coalition casualties have not been released, and Ansar Allah has allowed coalition to evacuate bodies of their dead remained in the battleground.

On the northern front of Hays, Saudi coalition forces have also taken control of the village of al-Roun, which is of little importance in the developments in the region.

The heights in northeastern (Ra’as mountain) and southeastern of Hays (Ya’aqibah and al-Muqbanah mountains) and the Hays-Khukhah road are among the most important points in this region. Ra’as mountain plays an important role in securing the al-Jarrahi and Zubaid districts, and the heights of Ya’aqibah to Muqbanah are effective in preventing the coalition from entering the north of Taiz and Ibb provinces.
The Hays-Khukhah road is also the most important factor in maintaining the Hays town and is the only logistical line for the coalition operation in the Hays front; And in the event of a possible operation by Ansar Allah, it will be one of the Ansar Allah primary targets in the region.

Interactive map of Hudaydah

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