Latest Updates on the Southern Front of Hudaydah, 21 November 2021 (Map Update)

Monday 22 November 2021 - 10:28

ISWNews Analysis Group: The heavy battle between Ansar Allah and the Saudi coalition continued in the district of Hays.

According to the latest news from the southern front of al-Hudaydah province, Tariq Saleh forces have concentrated their attacks to the north and east of the town of Hays, and in this regard, they have reached the south of Beit Akish and al-Baghil villages, leaving behind al-Adeen crossroad.

The Saudi-affiliated media outlets have reported that Tariq Saleh forces have taken control of al-Baghil, a claim that is not true given information by our field sources and a review of published videos of clashes in northern Hays.
On the eastern front of Hays, Tariq Saleh forces are currently stationed on the outskirts of al-Nakhla, and no change has taken place in other areas.

In the past 48 hours, Saudi coalition fighter jets and drones have bombed the southern front of al-Hudaydah 22 times, including in al-Hays, al-Jarrahi and al-Tuhayta, which is an increase from the previous days.

Considering the direction of Tariq Saleh operations, it seems that their first goal is to ensure the security of Hays town. If the first goal is achieved, their main bases, al-Khokha and Mocha, will be free from the threat of Ansar Allah ground attacks.

Interactive map of Hudaydah

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