The Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF Advances Near Tal Saffuk, Border of Iraq and Syria

Sunday, 10 June 2018 - 20:43

Islamic World News Analysis Group: After near three weeks from last advances of SDF in east of Syria, with taking some new points near Tal Saffuk, the operation of SDF in this region resumed.

During the last several days SDF with support of US-led Coalition started their second stage of operation “Island Strom” from several axes to border village Dashisha near Tal Saffuk and could take over regions such as Marjan, Khuwaybira, Abu Hamda, Faq`ah, Hamdaniya and Hamidiyah.


Village Dashishah in west of border passage Tal Saffuk is a main base for ISIS in east of Hasakah and upon freeing this village, the activities of ISIS in the border between Iraq and Syria will be reduced significantly.

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