Iraq: Second attack on Ain Al Asad Airbase in the last two days!

Wednesday 5 January 22 - 18:15

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Iraqi resistance groups attacked positions of US forces at Ain Al Asad Airbase with several rockets.

According to available information, the Ain Al Asad Airbase was targeted by 12 107mm rockets. It is said the US defense systems have failed to intercept the rockets. The Americans confirmed the news of a rocket attack on Ain Al Asad and stated that five rockets had hit the base.

According to data obtained by ISWNews, this is the ninth attack by Iraqi resistance groups on US troops in Iraq on 2022.

This morning, the Iraqi resistance groups also attacked the US positions at Victory Base near Baghdad Airport with several rockets.

Yesterday on January 4 also the positions of US occupation forces at Ain Al Asad Airbase were subjected to suicide drones. According to published images, two suicide drones from the Samad family (KAS-04) were used in the attack.

With the beginning of the new year, the attacks of the resistance against the United States in Syria and Iraq have increased significantly.

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