Latest updates on Shabwa front, 7 January 2022

Friday 7 January 22 - 21:01

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following clashes between Ansar Allah and the Saudi-led forces in the western part of Shabwa province, Ansar Allah withdrew from the Bayhan district center.

Currently, clashes are taking place in the suburbs of Bayhan, and there is a possibility that Ansar Allah will withdraw from these areas, as well as the Ain district. The volume of bombings by the Saudi coalition warplanes is also very heavy and has had a great impact on the Ansar Allah resistance; So that the western fronts of Shabwa have witnessed 140 airstrikes in the last 72 hours.

Among the reasons for Ansar Allah’s retreat from the south of Usaylan and Bayhan district center are the following:
1- Turning back the Belharith tribe to agreement with Ansar Allah and allowing the Saudi coalition forces to Usaylan.
2- Lack of access of Ansar Allah to defense equipment and weapons.
3- Heavy bombing of Saudi coalition Warplanes.
4- Strengthening the ground forces of the Saudi coalition by using the forces of Amaliqah. In fact, one of the reasons for the withdrawal of the Saudi coalition from the fronts of al-Hudaydah province was the strengthening of the Shabwa and Marib fronts, and as mentioned in the articles of that time, its effects on these fronts will gradually show.
4- The western region of Shabwa province is mostly desert and Ansar Allah will have better resistance against the attacks of the Saudi coalition in the highlands. For this reason, retreating to the heights could lead to forming a new defensive line.

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