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Friday 28 January 2022 - 21:24

Withdrawal of Amaliqa forces from Marib and Shabwa fronts!

One month after the entry of Amaliqah forces (Giant Brigades) into the heavy fighting in Shabwa and Marib provinces, these forces announced the end of military operations in the west of Shabwa province and the south of Marib on January 28.

Friday 7 January 2022 - 21:01

Latest updates on Shabwa front, 7 January 2022

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following clashes between Ansar Allah and the Saudi-led forces in the western part of Shabwa province, Ansar Allah withdrew from the Bayhan district center.

Tuesday 4 January 2022 - 21:31

Latest Updates on Shabwa Fronts, 4 January 2022

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Saudi-led forces attacks on positions of Ansar Allah and the popular committees continued on the southern fronts of the Usaylan district.