Latest updates on Shabwa and Marib fronts, 24 January 2022

Monday, 24 January 2022 - 09:06

ISWNews Analysis Group: Clashes between Ansar Allah and the Saudi-led forces continued in the south of Marib province and the west of Shabwa province.

According to the latest news from the Shabwa and Marb fronts, the clashes between Ansar Allah and the Saudi-led forces, centered on the Amaliqah forces, is taking place on areas north of Harib town and in the western heights of Ain district.

The Saudi coalition has advanced in its latest offensive in the Wadi Manwa, and clashes reached to the northern areas of the town of Harib.

On the other hand, the coalition forces from the eastern direction of the Ain district intend to enter the town of Hajab, the center of Ain district, but these attacks were repulsed by Ansar Allah.

According to Brigadier General Yahya al’-Sari, a spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, the Ansar Allah missile force fired four missiles at gathering and equipment of the Saudi coalition yesterday. Yahya al’-Sari added: “More than 120 Saudi-led forces have been killed and wounded in recent attacks and clashes. Also, more than 12 military vehicles and armored vehicles of the coalition forces were destroyed.”

In the past 24 hours, Saudi coalition warplanes bombed Marib fronts 20 times and Shabwa fronts 17 times.

According to the developments of the last 10 days in this region, if Ansar Allah does not increase the volume of its missile and drone attacks and does not activate the hit-and-run operations on other fronts, like west of Marib and west of Shabwa, the possibility of fall of the defensive lines will increase. In case of this possible failure, the clashes will be reached to Hajab town, the center of Ain district and al-Juba district. The Saudi coalition also needs more manpower, air and logistical support to defeat Ansar Allah in these impassable areas.

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