Latest Updates on Yemen 16 June 2018; Latest Updates on Fronts

Saturday, 16 June 2018 - 21:22

UN emissary entered Sanaa ; Firing a Tochka toward Emirates forces

Photos showing engagements in triple junction Adin in Hays district (south of al Hudaydah)


1- Al Hudaydah

Engagements in axis south of al Hudaydah in village Manzar and along south of the airport is continuing. Manzar is under control of al Hudaydah.

Al Hadath network (anti AnsarAllah) released photos and clips showing the Coalition controlling al Hudaydah airport which show the symbols and signs of the airport from other movies and past.

Due to AnsarAllah’s attacks in triple junction Durayhimi, Jah and Faza, the coastal road is cut and there are engagements in Durayhimi, Jah and Faza

In the triangle axis (triple junction) Adin AnsarAllah is attacking heavily (above photos).


2- Firing a Tochka toward gathering point of Emirates backed troops in south of al Hudaydah by Missile Unit of Yemeni Army and AnsarAllah.

This attack which killed 40 troops of the Coalition was led using information obtained by AnsarAllah’s UAV. The wounded are not confirmed but ambulances traveled 25 times to evacuate them.


3- Clearing height Aziq in desert Baqa` (northeast of Sada) from Hadi’s and the Coalition’s forces.


4- UN emissary entered Sanaa

He is conveying Emirates’ conditions about al Hudaydah to AnsarAllah. It is said that Emirates demand AnsarAllah retreat from al Hudaydah and the attacks in this front and other fronts will not stop.


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