IRGC neutralizes Israeli sabotage in the Fordow nuclear facility

Tuesday 15 March 2022 - 21:55

ISWNews Analysis Group: IRGC intelligence and the IRGC Nuclear Command neutralized a sabotage operation at Fordow nuclear facilities.

An Israeli Mossad-backed network that planned to sabotage in the Fordow nuclear facilities were arrested by IRGC intelligence. A two-minute report broadcast late on Monday promised more details to come soon, but outlined a purported attack that involved an agent paid by Israel attempting to approach a person working with advanced IR-6 centrifuges at the plant.

The Israeli agent, who was reportedly provided with secure communications and was paid in cash and cryptocurrencies, tried to approach the plant employee using a contact at an unnamed Hong Kong company as a mediator.

The “major” sabotage attack was said to be set to happen before Nowruz on March 20.

It should be noted that in April, Iran’s underground Natanz nuclear facility experienced a mysterious blackout that damaged some of its centrifuges. In 2020, unexplained fires struck the advanced centrifuge assembly plant at Natanz, which authorities later described as sabotage. Iran is now rebuilding that facility deep inside a nearby mountain.

But why is this report and this news published one day after the IRGC missile attack on the Mossad headquarters in Erbil? Also at the same time as this news, the Israeli regime has faced an extensive and unprecedented hack, and most of its sensitive and security sites have been hacked. The coincidence of these events and the explicit announcement of the IRGC regarding the continuation of Iran’s severe revenge is not a coincidence and there are goals behind it. Look forward to the next controversial days!

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