Latest updates on northern front of Iraq, 27 April 2022

Wednesday 27 April 2022 - 23:27

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that three other Turkish soldiers were killed during Operation Claw Lock in northern Iraq.

Thus, the death toll of Turkish Army in the first 10 days of Operation Claw Lock in northern Iraq has risen to eight.

According to the Turkish Defense Minister, since the beginning of Operation Claw Lock in the northern regions of Iraq, 56 PKK members were killed. On the other hand, the PKK claims that in the first week of the Turkish army operation, 152 operations were carried out against the Turkish army, as a result of which 218 Turkish soldiers were killed and 48 others were wounded. Also, four drones were destroyed and 11 helicopters were damaged. PKK militants claimed that Turkish troops have used chemical weapons to advance and attack areas in northern Iraq.

Although Turkey has put the number of its casualties at eight and the PKK has claimed 218 casualties for the Turkish army , the figures released by the two sides seem unrealistic. As casualties on both sides increase, fighting in the northern part of Iraq is expected to decrease, with the Turkish military launching targeted airstrikes. On the other hand, the PKK militants will use booby-traps and surprise attacks on Turkish troops.

It should be noted that on the morning of April 18, Turkey has launched a new ground and air cross-border offensive named ‘Operation Claw Lock’ against Kurdish militants in northern Iraq. Turkish military has conducted dozens of military operations against PKK militants in northern Iraq in recent years.

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