Latest updates on Yemen, 17 May 2022

Tuesday, 17 May 2022 - 09:33

ISWNews Analysis Group: The first commercial flight from Sanaa Airport to Amman Airport in the Jordanian capital was made in accordance with the ceasefire agreement announced by the United Nations.

1- Saada:
On May 12, local sources reported the martyrdom of seven civilians by Saudi border guards in the al-Raqo border area of Munbah. These people were first tortured by electricity and then martyred.

2- Marib:
The Saudi-affiliated media reported that Ansar Allah’s drone had attacked the house of Sheikh Hassan Mohammad Shafaan in the Raghwan district center. Three people were injured in the attack.

3- Hudaydah:
The Saudi-led coalition forces have violated the ceasefire 108 times in the past 48 hours in al-Hudaydah region.

4- Aden:
On May 15, the assassination of Brigadier General Saleh Ali Hassan, the head of the joint operation of the Saudi coalition forces in the fourth military zone of Yemen, in the al-Ma’la area in the city of Aden, was failed.

Picture of his car after explosion in Aden

5- Dhale:
– On May 15, local sources reported the sound of an explosion in the city of Dhale.
– On May 16, the UAE-backed Hizam al-Amni (Security Belt) forces claimed to have shot down an Ansar Allah drone over the Al-Fakhir area.

Picture of the downed Ansar Allah drone in Al-Fakhir area

6- Shabwa:
– On May 15, unidentified gunmen blew up an oil pipeline in the Shaqah area in the Mayfa’a district.
– A bomb blast near the governorate building of Shabwa province in the city of Ataq resulted in minor damages to the forces of “Awad Ibn Al-Wazir”, the new governor of Shabwa.

7- Sanaa:
– On May 16, the first commercial flight from Sanaa Airport to Amman Airport in the Jordanian capital took place at 8:00 am local time. Under the two-month ceasefire agreement announced by the United Nations, 16 commercial flights to Sanaa Airport will be operated.
– According to the officials in Sanaa Airport, if the Saudi coalition does not prevent it, the second and third flights will be operated to Amman Airport on May 18 and May 25.

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