Latest Updates on Yemen 1 July, 2018; Has Operation in al Hudaydah Halted?

Tuesday 3 July 2018 - 07:41

Emirates led recent attacks by the Coalition (north and southeast of Tuhayta) and AnsarAllah’s counterattacks (west of Durayhimi and Fazah and south of Tuhayta) are shown in the map.

Fall of Tuhayta is not correct.


1- Al Hudaydah: Emirates claim that temporarily halt the operation against AnsarAllah in al Hudaydah. Emirates Foreign Minister mentioned that this is an opportunity for AnsarAllah to retreat unconditionally and the military operation will be resumed if negotiations, political and UN emissary’s solutions reach dead-end.


AnsarAllah rejected this news and claimed that this is a mind play and there are attacks and engagements in al Hudaydah governorate. AnsarAllah’s leaders reject any retreat from al Hudaydah as well and only accept UN’s supervision on al Hudaydah’s imports.


To retaliate Saudi Coalition’s fighters’ air raids, AnsarAllah attack Jabilah (south of Tuhayta), west of Durayhimi and Fazah and attacked Emirates led forces gatherings using UAV.


Photos showing Tuhayta under control of AnsarAllah and People’s Forces.


2- Clearing al Laqam height in front Mahashimah al Jawf governorate from the Coalition’s and Hadi’s troops.


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