Iran successfully test launches Zuljanah satellite carrier + Video

Sunday 26 June 2022 - 23:19

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ahmad Hosseini, spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Defense, announced the second test launch of the Zuljanah satellite carrier to achieve research objectives.

According to Ahmad Hosseini, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Zuljanah satellite carrier is in three phases. This satellite carrier has two phases of solid propulsion and one phase with liquid propulsion and its launch has been done with the purpose of suborbital. Also, the third phase of the development of this satellite carrier has started by using the information obtained from this launch.

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The first launch of Zuljanah satellite carrier was made on February 1, 2021 from the Semnan Space Center. The main mission of this satellite carrier is to place a satellite with a weight of about 220 kg or 10 lighter satellites with a weight of 20 kg into 500 km orbit. The length of Zuljanah is 25.5 meters, its diameter is 1.5 meters and its weight is 52 tons.
After Safir and Simorgh satellite carriers, Zuljanah is the third Iranian non-military satellite made in the country. Due to its agility and low preparation time, Zuljanah is mentioned by some western experts as the first subcontinent missile of Iran!

Iran’s satellite program, like other Iranian indigenous capabilities, has always been criticized by Western countries, especially the United States, for alleged violating UN Security Council resolutions. They see Iran’s advances in the field of Aerospace Science as a significant concern for the proliferation of nuclear weapons!

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The second test launch of Zuljanah satellite carrier
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