Latest Updates on Yemen 6 July, 2018; War in al Hudaydah, Negotiation in Sanaa

Saturday 7 July 2018 - 06:15

Photos showing AnsarAllah and People’s Forces attacks on Emirates led troops in Faza front. (south of al Hudaydah)

1- AnsarAllah UAV attack to the Coalition troops’ positions in Bariqah base, west of Aden, south of Yemen.

Local people said there was explosion and smoke coming from the base and Saudi Coalition reported to intercept the drone.

This is the first UAV attack of AnsarAllah to Aden and showing that air power of AnsarAllah and Yemeni Army is increasing


2- Al Hudaydah: defeating Emirates led forces heavy attacks to Tuhayta

The fronts are unchanged and Faza and Nakhila (west of Durayhimi) is still under teasing attacks of AnsarAllah.

In despite of Emirates claiming operation halt with the excuse of UN emissary’s negotiation, Tuhayta is under heaviest attacks of Emirates fighters and forces supported by them in the last several days.

According to eyewitnesses, the Coalition is transporting troops and equipment to south of al Hudaydah and preparing new attacks.

At the same time, diplomatic efforts of Martin Griffiths, UN emissary, so far has not reached any conclusion and the Alliance emphasizes on AnsarAllah’s retreat from al Hudaydah and AnsarAllah emphasizes on operation halt and retreat from their positions.


3- Saudi Coalition attack in Malahit axis to east of Harad again.



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