Ansar Allah drone attack on al-Dhaba port on the coast of Hadhramaut

Saturday 22 October 22 - 09:04

ISWNews Analysis Group: Using two suicide drones, Ansar Allah drove away a foreign oil tanker that was trying to illegally transfer the Yemeni oil from the al-Dhaba port near Al-Riyan, in the coast of Hadhramaut province.

Undoubtedly, this drone attack by Ansar Allah is a warning to foreign companies and oil buyers in the occupied areas of Yemen, and it can be examined from two perspectives:
1- Warning to deployment of Israelis in the coastal town of Al-Riyan, that were sent to this area to loot the oil resources of Hadhramaut and Shabwa provinces. (More details)
2- Preventing the transfer of Yemeni oil by the Nissos Kea ship, which is a warning to foreign ships and companies.

According to the statements by Mabkhut Mubarak bin Ghadhi, the governor of the Saudi-backed government for the Hadramaut province, “this ship belongs to a Greek company, and the first drone explosion occurred between the ship and another vessel, and the second explosion occurred near the Greek ship. Also, the crew of the ship has not reported any casualties and damages from these explosions.”

The statement of Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’, a spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces regarding the attack:
“We made a simple warning to prevent the looting of crude oil from an oil ship from Al-Dhabah port in Hadhramaut province. This ship violated the decision issued by the Yemeni authorities to ban the transfer and export of oil derivatives, and we warned to prevent the continued looting of Yemen’s oil wealth and its non-allocation to the people.
This warning message was done after the competent authorities warned the crew of the ship and informed them of this decision based on current Yemeni laws and international laws. The ship was handled with caution and we wanted to maintain its security and the security of Yemeni infrastructure.
We will not hesitate to do our duty to stop and prevent any ship that intends to loot the wealth of the Yemeni people, and with God’s help, we can launch more operations and warnings to defend our great people and protect its wealth from looting. We again warn all companies to fully comply with the decisions of the government authorities in Sana’a and refrain from any participation in the looting of Yemen’s wealth.”

Geolocation of Dhaba port

Location of the Marshall Islands-flagged Nissos Kea off the southern coast of Yemen. According to the local media, this ship has moved away from Al-Dhaba port after the explosions.
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