Ansar Allah drone attack on a foreign oil tanker off the coast of Hadhramaut

Tuesday 22 November 22 - 12:56

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following Ansar Allah warnings to oil tankers and foreign companies regarding the looting of Yemeni oil in the occupied areas, a foreign oil tanker was attacked by Ansar Allah’s drones on the shores of al-Dhaba port.

According to information published by local sources, Ansar Allah attacked Pratika oil tanker off the coast of al-Dhaba port with a drone at noon on November 21. The Panama-flagged Pratika oil tanker was intended to dock at the Al-Dabah port and transfer the Hadhramout oil towards the Suez Canal.

Al-Dhaba port is located near the UAE base in al-Rayan town and on the coast of Hadhramaut province, and in recent months it has become a place for exporting oil from the occupied areas of Yemen. This is the third warning of Ansar Allah against foreign oil tankers and the second attack on Al-Dhaba port. Ansar Allah previously attacked the oil tanker Nissos Kea on the shores of al-Dhaba port on October 22.

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Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’, the spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces, confirmed the Ansar Allah attack on the foreign oil tanker and wrote in a news statement:

“With the help of God and His success, the Yemeni armed forces forced an oil ship that was going to approach the port of Al-Dhaba in the south of the country to leave this area. This ship had the mission of looting a large amount of oil and refused to respond to the warnings of the armed forces. The enemy tried to carry out actions that the armed forces are not able to observe and deal with properly.
The Yemeni armed forces continue to protect the national wealth so that its revenues serve the Yemenis and cover the salaries of all employees in all regions of Yemen.”

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