The Israel Have Evacuated 800 “White Helmets” From South of Syria + Clip

Sunday 22 July 18 - 22:27

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Israelis in a controversial act, have evacuated “White Helmet” forces from south of Syria and they will later be transported to Britain, Canada, and Germany; These forces have a very long history of making up lies against Syrian Government, and collaborating with terrorist groups.

White Helmets are a civil group in appearances, but reality tells a different story. They are active from 2013 under the name of “Civil Defense of Syria”, this group have said that their goal is to help civilians, but there is a completely different story in reality.


This group, display itself as a neutral & non-governmental group, meanwhile it is formed of people who are not Syrians.

James Le Mesurier is behind the group which formed the White Helmets, he has 20 years of experience working in vulnerable countries as a member of UN’s delegation, adviser to private companies, foreign & welfare office of England, and as a former officer for British Army.


Eva Bartlett, a Canadian independent reporter have said that this group, with 100 million dollar financial support, is formed by America, England, Europe,


Last night, 21:30, local time, United Nation’s forces helped White Helmets so they can move to Golan Heights with full security.


Evacuation of “White Helmets” and their families from southern Syria via Israel


It is said that this transfer happened with awareness of Russia and Syrian government, but it is unknown that why such a decision for their transfer from region to Israel and then to Europe, was made. Because the operation for evacuating militias of Quneitra province with buses to Idlib province is on going, and White Helmets could go to Idlib province.


One of scenarios is that the America, Britain and Canada are covering up their main goal for creating this group & hiding evidences, by moving them to Europe.


Second scenario is that the operation of Idlib will begin in coming months, and before, United States & Britain have said that they will pull out White Helmets from Idlib province too.


We’ve mentioned this before in our previous “War Reports”.


So, it is obvious that the main plan of western bloc, is to pull out White Helmets which are trained by them, forces that their main duty is to make lies against Syrian Government and to make preparations for foreign interventions (like America’s missile attack against Damascus) in Syria.

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