Turkish Drone Attack On Sinjar; A PMU Field Commander Was Martyred

Tuesday 28 February 2023 - 10:57

ISWNews Analysis Group – As a result of a Turkish drone attack on the outskirts of Sinjar city, three Hashd al-Shaabi (PMU) forces, including a field commander were martyred.

On February 27, Turkish drones targeted a car in Khana Sor area in the suburbs of Sinjar city, located in the west of Nineveh province, during which, Pîr Çeko, the commander of the PMU 80th Brigade along with two other forces were martyred.

A picture of Pîr Çeko (Pir Cheko), commander of the 80th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Organization

On the other hand, the Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s Counter-Terrorism Group announced: “At 12:10 today local time, a Turkish drone targeted a vehicle belonging to the PKK elements in Khana Sor area of Sinjar city, as a result of which In this attack, a commander and two PKK forces were killed.”

According to the statement, it seems that these people were from the former Sinjar Resistance Units (YBŞ), which after some time were organized in the form of the 80th Brigade of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Organization (PMU).

After this attack, the “Islamic Resistance Ahrar al-Iraq Brigade” reacted by publishing a harsh statement. According to the Ahrar al-Iraq previous activities against the Turkish positions in northern Iraq, it is likely that the “Ahrar al-Iraq” group, in response to this attack, will organize a new round of attacks against the Turkish bases in Iraq.

Statement by Islamic Resistance Ahrar al-Iraq Brigade

It is worth mentioning that this is Turkey’s first targeted drone attack against the PMU’s 80th Brigade in Nineveh province this year. Last year in 22nd of January, 2022, Turkish drones attacked two vehicles of the YBS forces in the Bab Shalo area on the outskirts of Sinjar, during which two YBS militias were killed and several others were injured.

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