Are Iran’s armed forces on the brink of a new round of attacks on terrorist groups in Iraqi Kurdistan region?

Thursday 1 June 2023 - 07:08

ISWNews Analysis Group – The recent movements of Iranian armed forces and the deployment of arms to the western borders of the Islamic Republic show the proximity of a new round of strikes on anti-Iranian terrorist groups based in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

Following recent warnings to Iraqi officials, which were made by Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps’ ground forces Major General Mohammad Pakpour concerning the terrorist groups based in Iraq, the IRGC’s movements and deployments on the western borders of the Islamic country have been intensified.

The movements are taking place while Iraq’s National Security Advisor Qasim Al-Araji, heading a security delegation to review actions related to the implementation of the security agreement between Iran and Iraq concerning border security, entered Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan on May 27 and then the Iraqi official held talks with Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Major General Ali Akbar Ahmadian two days later during a trip to capital Tehran.

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Al-Araji emphasized Iraq’s commitment to the security agreement signed with Iran during his meeting with Ahmadian, stating that he considers Iraq’s security to be Iran’s one and vice versa.

However, it seems that the deadline that Iran determined for Iraq is coming to an end and the issue may have been underscored in Ahmadian and Al-Araji’s recent meeting.

A number of video footages as well as images circulated on social media networks show that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces are transferring artillery arms to the western areas of the country and the issue indicates the imminent occurrence of possible operations by Iran’s armed forces against terrorist groups based in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (HDKA), the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK), the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan (Komala), and the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK) are among the major separatist and terrorist groups that operate on the eastern borders of Iraqi Kurdistan region, and they have been focusing on raiding Iran’s national security for a long time.

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It is worth mentioning that Iran’s armed forces pounded hideouts of a terrorist group on the outskirts of Koy Sanjaq in the south of Sulaymaniyah and the heights of Sidakan mountainous area in Iraqi Kurdistan region by the use of missiles and drones on November 14, 2022, when at least two militants of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan were killed and 10 others were wounded.

Following the developments, Iran and Iraq reached an agreement regarding the expulsion of the mentioned terrorist groups from the borders of Iraqi Kurdistan region and Baghdad promised to cooperate in this respect.

Since then, the Iraqi government has tried to take practical steps to fulfill its promises under the agreement; however, the pace of the actions seems to be very slow and insufficient. Thus, if the ongoing trend continues, it is possible that Iran will independently carry out another military operation to cleanse the hideouts of the terrorist groups from the border areas of the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

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The transfer of weapons to the western borders by the Iranian army
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