Map | Latest Updates on Front Lines in Northwest of Syria; 1 September 2018

Sunday, 2 September 2018 - 07:06

With four battlefield maps and explanation about possible axes of Syrian Army operation in northwest of Syria.

Since we are approaching the incipient of Syrian Army operation in northwest of Syria, from today on maps of axes of operation with description will be available gradually.

Current map showing latest situation in Aleppo, Idlib, Hama and Lattakia governorates northwest of Syria.


Currently political negotiations and military preparation for the operation are happening at the same time.
On one side, alliance of Syria-Iran-Russia is negotiating with Turkey which is the main supporter of militants/terrorists in northwest of Syria and on the other side, military preparation is taking place by transporting convoys and equipment to north of Syria and settling at the frontlines with rebels in north of Hama and Lattakia.


A deadline of several days has been given to Turkey to settle the issue of current terrorist groups in the region such as Tahrir al Sham and subgroups peacefully.
Nevertheless, due to nature of these rebelious groups and their influence, it is very unlikely that Turkey could achieve anything and after Russian naval drill which finishes on September 8, the vast operation will start.


Regarding possible of axes, there are plenty of possibilities, however due to length of frontlines, specifying the exact axes will be impossible. Nevertheless, it can be guessed that the first stage of the operation will be in four main axes:
– North of Hama with Khan Sheykhoun axis

– North of Lattkia with Jisr al Shoghour axis

– Northwest of Aleppo

– South of Aleppo and east of Idlib with Saraqib axis

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