Turkish President Puts Tahrir al Sham in Terrorist List!

Monday 3 September 18 - 06:20

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Friday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, in a thoughtful action puts Tahrir al Sham in the list of terrorist groups.

According to recent order by President of Turkey, Tahrir al Sham group is put in the list of terrorists.


Tahrir al Sham is a militant group consisting of Syrian and non-Syrian people which is active in northwest of Syria and controls most of Idlib province.

This group has a close relationship with other terrorist groups such as al Qaeda and previously by changing its name from al Nusrah Front to Tahrir al Sham and denying relationship with al Qaeda tried to reduce international pressure on itself.


During the recent months, the issues of ‘de-escalation zone’ agreement in northwest of Syria and terrorist groups activities in Idlib province have become the most important and stressful issues in Syria.


Syria keeps the right to reclaim its entire soil by purging terrorist groups on one side and Turkey by supporting the terrorist groups in north and northwest of Syria obscuring it, on the other side.

Thus, negotiations are continuing for months between Syria-Iran-Russia alliance and Turkey to find a solution for the aforementioned issue.


Last week, it was announced that Turkey has one-week deadline to settle the issue of Tahrir al Sham otherwise an operation to clear northwest of Syria will be started by Syrian Army.


The importance of Erdogan’s decision at this time is that Turkey by putting Tahrir al Sham in terrorist list, shows green light and consent with the operation by Syrian Army and its allies in northwest; which was opposed by Turkey previously.


We have to observe the evolutions and see what are other less extreme groups’ reactions to this issue in northwest of Syria.


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