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Friday 25 August 2023 - 23:36

Mohajer-10 is an Iran-made long-range combat and reconnaissance drone that was unveiled on Iran’s Defense Industry Day in the presence of the President Ebrahim Raisi and Minister of Defense Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Gharaei Ashtiani on August 22, 2023. This drone has a range of 2000 kilometers with its advanced camera and it is equipped with the latest updates and the ability to carry various ammunition, which is considered one of the most advanced Iran-made drones.

Following the unveiling of the Mohajer-10 drone, in addition to adding a new member to the Mohajer drone series, a new UAV has also been added to Iran’s 2000-kilometer drone series, which will increase the diversity of drone product baskets and consequently increase the combat power of Iran’s armed forces.

A video of the unveiling of the Mohajer-10 UAV and its flight test

Various organizations, including the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, the Qods Aviation Industries, and Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) have participated in the manufacturing of Mohajer-10 drone. According to one of the officials of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics, this drone has been designed and developed based on the needs announced by the armed forces, especially the ground and naval forces of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and the Islamic Republic of Iran Army.

At the first glance, the fuselage of this drone has similarities to the United States’ MQ-9 Reaper fuselage. There are also similarities between the body of Mohajer-10 and Kaman 22 (UAV) of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army. The front part and the nose of Mohajer-10 drone is similar to Kaman 22, which is where satellite communication antenna is located.

Similarity of nose between Kaman 22 and Mohajer 10

Mohajer-10 drone also has a similar tail to Kaman 22 and uses a combination of three wings. Two V-shaped wings are located on top of the fuselage near the engine and a smaller wing is located under the body.

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Similarity of the tail between Kaman 22 and Mohajer 10

The main difference between Mohajer-10 and Kaman 22 is in the shape of their wings. In Kaman 22, wings have a special bend and twist in design but in Mohajer-10 wings have a simpler appearance and more stretch.

The main point about Mohajer-10 is its landing gear. The rear landing gear on Mohajer-10 drone in the unveiled version is foldable like Shahed-129 drone landing gear. The rear and front landing gear on Mohajer-10 are folded backward and are placed inside the fuselage during flight. The folding landing gear reduces drag during flight, and it reduces fuel consumption and increases flight range.

Similarity of the rear landing gear of Shahed-29 and Mohajer-10

However, in a video released of test flight of Mohajer-10 drone, this drone uses fixed rear landing gear. This simple landing gear that was also used in Mohajer-6 drone consists of a metal wire buckle and a flexible holder. The way it works is that due to flexibility of landing gear, metal wire prevents excessive opening of landing gear and flexibility also reduces pressure on structure at the time of landing.
Therefore, there are two possibilities: The first possibility is that the published video is related to the initial (prototype) and experimental version of Mohajer-10 and it has been completed later. And the second possibility is that the Mohajer-10 drone has two cheap and expensive versions. In the cheap version, it uses simple landing gear and weaker optics, and in the expensive version, it uses foldable landing gear and a stronger camera (the camera used in Shahed-149).

The prototype version of the Mohajer 10 UAV that uses a fixed landing gear

Mohajer-10 drone also has the ability to carry a parachute for emergency landing, which seems to have inherited this capability from Mohajer-6 drone. This emergency parachute is located in a separate location behind satellite equipment and its straps are tied in two sections at the tail of the drone and near the engine.

The parachute for emergency landing

Given the similarities among Mohajer-10 drone, Kaman 22 UAV and Shahed-129, as well as the participation of the Iranian army among the manufacturers and developers of Mohajer-10 drone, it seems that this drone has benefited from the experience of building capabilities of the IRGC and the Ministry of Defense; so, the cooperation provides Iran’s armed forces with a high-quality and affordable version of the drone series. Most likely, this drone will enter service in bulk in the IRGC and army by repeating the successful experience of Mohajer-6 drone, and it will replace Mohajer-6 and Shahed-129 drones.

The dimensions and size of Mohajer-10 have not been officially announced, but based on available images, we can obtain the dimensions of Mohajer-10 drone. Based on images, which have been released so far, Mohajer-10 will have a length of 9 meters and a height of 2.4 meters, and its wing length will be 14 meters.

Camera and sensor system:
Mohajer-10 drone uses a high-quality camera that was previously used on Shahed-149 (Gaza) drone. This system, which is one of Iran’s most advanced electro-optical systems, has a thermal imaging camera and laser rangefinder in addition to a day vision camera with a zoom power of at least 100 to 120 times as well. One of the highlights of this system is the use of catadioptric telescopic lens that multiplies magnification. Using this camera will significantly increase the quality of filming and photography of drones, which is considered a great advantage. In general, electro-optical systems are considered one of the main parts or perhaps the most important part of the drone.

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The electro-optical systems and ammunition used in Mohajer-10 drone

Mohajer-10 drone has four hardpoints under its wings for carrying ammunition. This drone was carrying three Ghaem-5 precision-guided bombs with optical (TV) guidance, anti-armor Almas missile, and Arman guided air-launched bomb at the time of unveiling (image above). It seems that this drone can carry up to a maximum of eight bombs and missiles.

Mohajer-10 can carry various types of Ghaem series bombs, various types of Sadid series bombs, Almas anti-armor missile, Arman air-launched glider bombs, and so on.

Arman guided air-launched bombs are the latest type offered from this class of bombs that have been lightened and optimized for carrying by drones. Given the development of this drone on previous platforms such as Kaman-22 and Shahed-129, there is also a possibility to carry a wide range of weapons on Mohajer-10 such as: electronic warfare pods developed for Kaman-22 drone, Kaman-12 drone, Mohajer-6 drone, Sadid series bombs.

4 hardpoints under the wings to carry up to 8 missiles and bombs

Mohajer-10 drone has a flight endurance of 24 hours at an altitude of seven thousand meters and an operational radius of 2 thousand kilometers, and it benefits from a maximum speed of 210 kilometers per hour. The maximum fuel capacity of this drone is 450 liters and its maximum payload weight is 300 kilograms.

Specifications of Mohajer-10 drone:
Role: Combat and reconnaissance drone
Unveiled: 22 August 2023
Origin: Iran
Producer: Qods Aviation Industries, and Iran Aviation Industries Organization (AIO)
Length: 6.5 meters
Height: 4.2 meters
Wingspan: 18.2 meters
Operational range: 2000 km
Speed: 210 km/h
Flight ceiling: 7000 meters
Engine: Piston
Maximum take-off weight: ~ 1000 kg
Weapon payload: 300 kg
Fuel weight: 450 kg
Hardpoints: 4 under the wings, capable carrying up to 8 missiles and bombs
Armament: Ghaem series bombs, Sadid series bombs, Almas anti-armor missile, Arman air-launched glider bombs, electronic warfare pods, etc.

Mohajer 10 long-range drone – click to view full size

More images of Mohajer 10 drone:

Infographics of Mohajer 10 UAV in Russian(Мохаджир 10), Arabic(مهاجر 10), Farsi, Azeri(Mühacir 10) and Hebrew(מוהאג’יר 10):

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