Yemen, Saudi Arabia Continue Negotiations; Ansar Allah Delegation Leaves For Riyadh

Saturday 16 September 2023 - 14:18

A negotiating team of the Yemeni National Salvation Government and a group of Omani representatives departed for Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh in a bid to continue peace talks with Saudi Arabia

The Yemeni National Salvation Government’s negotiating team, led by Mohammed Abdulsalam, who is also the Ansar Allah movement’s spokesman, traveled to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, after Omani representatives consulted officials of the Ansar Allah movement.

Following Oman’s liaison and talks during Mohammad bin Salman’s recent trip to Muscat, Omani representatives entered Sana’a on Friday, September 14. The meeting between the Omani delegation and Ansar Allah officials was held to convey Sultan Haitham bin Tariq’s message to Mahdi Al-Mashat, President of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen.

In general, the negotiation was welcomed by Ansar Allah leaders, and the Yemeni negotiating team, accompanied by Omani representatives, went to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

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According to Mohammed Abdulsalam’s statements, the priority of this round of negotiations is focused on lifting the siege, opening ports and airports, paying employees’ salaries from oil revenue, as well as prisoner swap.

Other issues such as the withdrawal of foreign forces and the reconstruction of war-torn country for achieving a comprehensive political solution have been raised but they have not yet been confirmed or denied by the other party.

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