Saudi-Led Coalition Conducts Artillery Attacks On Yemen’s Saada Governorate

Sunday 1 October 2023 - 21:27

Saudi-led coalition forces have launched heavy artillery attacks on the areas of Qama’il, Al-Ma’ali, and Wadi al-Hanash in Baqem District, and the border areas of Shada’a District over the past 24 hours.

According to local sources in Sa’ada Governorate, the Saudi-led coalition has fired more than 30 artillery shells and missiles at Baqem District. Yemeni media have not reported the extent of the damage and casualties of these attacks so far.

Saudi-led coalition artillery attacks on Sa’ada Governorate have increased after the Ansar Allah movement launched a drone strike on Bahraini military positions in Jizan Governorate in response to one of the hundreds of ceasefire violations by the coalition.

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The highest number of violations of ceasefire between Yemen and the Saudi-led coalition has been reported in Sa’ada and Al-Hudaydah governorates, which have resulted in not only financial damages to civilian areas but also the deaths of dozens of Yemeni civilians and African migrants.

The Western states and the United Nations have not taken any position on the blatant and widespread violations of the ceasefire by the Saudi-led coalition so far. On the contrary, the Ansar Allah’s response to the aggression by Bahraini soldiers has provoked anger and condemnation from the United Nations and certain Western countries.

Map: Direction of Saudi artillery attacks on Baqim and Shada administrations in Saada province – click to view full size
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