Artillery Attacks, Mine Blasts Killing People In Yemen

Monday 4 September 2023 - 14:56

Artillery and drone attacks by the Saudi-led coalition, as well as mine and bomb explosions in war zones, are among the main reasons for the continued loss of life of civilians in Yemen.

As a result of the Saudi-led coalition’s artillery and drone attacks on Shada’a, Munbah, Razih, Qatabir, and Al Ghumr in the northwestern and western parts of Saada Governorate during the first four days of September 2023, a Yemeni civilian and an African immigrant were killed, and three other African immigrants were injured.

Meanwhile, the Yemen Executive Mine Action Centre (YEMAC) has also announced that cluster bombs and mine explosions by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen have killed 37 people, including 12 children, from the beginning of 2023 until now.

Saudis’ scattered attacks, mine explosions, and unexploded bombs from the war in Yemen continue to take civilian lives.

The Saudi-led coalition and the Yemeni government declared a ceasefire in all fronts in an unofficial agreement and are negotiating for peace with the mediation of the United Nations and Oman.

The United Nations has also suspended financial aid to Yemen’s mine clearance executive agencies for the second consecutive month for unknown reasons and it has called for Yemeni cooperation in political cases.

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Directions of the Saudi coalition’s artillery attacks on the western areas of Saada province – click to display in full size
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