Latest Updates on Basra Protests; Iraq

Saturday 8 September 18 - 14:56

Yesterday after setting the consulate of Iran in Basra on fire by “Protesters”, they didn’t stop there, they started torching other buildings which are affiliated to Badr Organization, Islamic Dawa Party, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, and they even attacked & torched an ambulance affiliated to Hashd Al-Shabbi (Popular Mobilization Forces).

– Two water transporting trucks which they used it for transporting weapons, were discovered by the security forces.


– An explosion near the Basra Hospital led to the death & injury of several people


– The general secretary of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq of Iraq, Khaz’ali stated: We have no role in the government, why should our offices burn?

He added: America is managing the plan for separation of Iraq and recent incidents of Basra proved this.


– The Al-Ahd channel also with publishing several audio files uncovered the Saudi hands in recent days incidents of Basra.


– Last night, finally the prime minister of Iraq after all these incidents, ordered to control the situation!


– The quick reaction forces (QRF) of Iraq entered Basra to control the situation


– The representative of ayatollah Sistani met with some families of the recent killed persons in Basra.

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