Presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey Meet in Tehran and The Start of Intense Bombardment of the Militants in Northwest Syria

Sunday, 9 September 2018 - 18:13

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Friday, September 7, the third meeting of the three countries of Iran, Russia and Turkey was held in Tehran to discuss the future of Syria.

As previously mentioned, the summit of the three leaders of Iran, Turkey and Russia was held in Tehran, during which Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed the important issues of Syria specially the Idlib situation.


After liberation of Southern Syria from various terrorist groups, northwest of Syria and Idlib province which is the last bastion of terrorists in Syrian soil, became as a main concern of Syrian government and the Resistance axis.


Regarding Syria’s territorial integrity and approaching the date of Syrian army operation in northwest Syria, in order to complete elimination of terrorism from Syria, the tensions and sensitivities on the province of Idlib are more than ever before.


In response to a reporter’s question regarding the province of Idlib, he said, “The purpose of the actions taken in Syria is to fight terrorism, to restore peace and the authority of the central government to the entire territory of Syria, and cleansing the Idlib region is one of the main steps in this regard.

The whole of Syria must be cleared from terrorists, however, due to the large number of civilians in Idlib, and the use of them as a human shield by terrorists, this matter is extremely sensitive.

The terrorists are hiding among the people and they are trying to carry on their terrorist activities in this way.

After solving the problem of Idlib, the final step is to solve the east Euphrates issue; the US’s illegal interventions have caused problems in this area and our demand is for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from Syria.”


The remarkable points of this meeting was the Turkey’s concern about Syrian military operations in the region of Idlib, which will create a new wave of displaced Syrians to Turkey.

In contrast, Vladimir Putin, referring to past efforts and assist for the return of the Syrian refugees, emphasized the importance of fighting against terrorism and clearing the region from the presence of terrorist groups.


From the morning of Saturday, the bombing of the terrorist positions in different areas of the contact lines entered a new phase and we saw an unprecedented increase in bombardments.

Since Saturday morning, the militants positions in northern Hama have been severely bombarded by artillery and fighter jets; Syrian media have described this as the beginning of the start of the major operation of the Syrian army in the area.


Whatever the outcome of the talks in Tehran, the beginning of military operations in the province of Idlib to clean up the terrorists will be an unstoppable and definitive issue.

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