Latest Updates on Yemen 18 September 2018; The Big Battle of Hudaydah!

Wednesday 19 September 2018 - 08:40

Latest updates from Hudaydah frontlines

– Last night the Saudi Coalition announced the start of the big operation to capture Hudaydah city and after that all areas inside Hudaydah city specially the eastern and southern part came under heavy airstrikes and artillery fire.

The Saudi Coalition follows Hudaydah operation in two axes:

1- Southern axis and coastline (Kornish and airport)

2- Hudaydah-Sanaa road axis and Matahin square

Right now most of clashes going on near Kornish square, Matahin square and in vicinity of Nana(16km) square.

Heavy clashes and airstrikes by Coalition continue on eastern Hudaydah road and Ansarallah resisting so far.


– Firing a short range missile to Coalition troops gathering in western coast.


– The Qasef-1 UAV attacks to Saudi Coalition operation room in western coast.


– Sporadic clashes between Ansarallah and Saudi-led forces in Fazah and Jabilah.


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