Latest Updates On Southern Lebanon-Northern Front Of Palestine; 13 November 2023 (Map)

Tuesday 14 November 2023 - 00:02

Hezbollah and the Israeli army continued to exchange artillery fire, airstrikes and rocket attacks in the border areas of southern Lebanon and northern occupied Palestine.

The Israeli regime attacks on southern Lebanon:
Fighter jets attacks:
The Israeli fighter jets bombarded the areas of Lebouneh, Ayta al-Shaab, Rmaysh, north of Bint Jbeil in southern Lebanon.
Artillery attacks:
Israeli army artillery struck the areas of Al-Naqourah, Shihein, Taleh al-Shawat in the suburbs of Aita al-Shaab, Jebain, Ain al-Zarqa (in the east of Al-Naqourah), Blida, Mhaibib, Houla, the heights of Kafrshuba and Halta, Kafr Hamam, Al Habariyya, Al Khiam and Yarun.

It should be noted that today at noon, the sirens were sounded in the northern areas of Haifa city and Safed town for an unknown reason. At first, the local media considered it to be a massive rocket attack by Hezbollah, but according to Daniel Hagari, the spokesman of the Zionist regime army, the sirens in the northern areas occurred due to the infiltration of Hezbollah reconnaissance drones and led to a wrong diagnosis. There were also news reports about an Israeli drone attack on the Kafarkala area, which local sources in southern Lebanon and Hezbollah reporters did not confirm the occurrence of such an attack.

Hizbollah’s attacks on the positions of the Israeli army in occupied Palestine:
Rocket attacks:
Hezbollah attacked the Dahira outpost, Goren settlement with a rocket attack.
ATGM missile attacks and shooting:
On Marj outpost in Wadi Hunin.
On Branit outpost
On Rahib outpost (Shtola).
On al-Ramtha outpost in Shebaa Farms.
On Hadab Yaron checkpoint in the suburbs of Baraam settlement.

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