Latest Military Situation In The Gaza Strip; 81th Day Of Battles (Map)

Wednesday 27 December 2023 - 01:05

Review of the latest military situation in the northern and southern fronts of the Gaza Strip after 81 days of fighting.

In the northern axis of Gaza Strip, according to the latest field information and videos released by field sources, the Israeli regime forces have retreated from Beit Hanoun and most of Beit Lahia, but the clashes continue around Jabalia and some areas of Sheikh Radwan. Also, Israeli forces have retreated from some places in Al-Shujaiyah area. On the other hand, the Israeli forces entered the Gaza Strip from two new axes from the south of Jabalia and reached the Israeli forces in the west of the Jabalia camp and tightened the siege of the Jabalia camp.
It should be noted that until the moment of writing this text, the news of the complete withdrawal of the Zionist regime from the areas of Al-Rimal, Al-Zaitun, Al-Shujaiyah and other areas of Gaza City is not true and Israeli forces are present in different areas of the city. The map of the Gaza Strip will be updated or corrected if reliable field information of new changes is received.

In the central axis of the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces have entered the Gaza Strip from south of Al-Bureij during the last four days. Also, Israeli forces have taken control of most of Al-Maghraqa and have made advances in Juhr Al-Dik area. Currently, the most intense clashes are going on near Bureij and Nuseirat. In general, the middle front of the Gaza Strip is now the most active front of the strip.

In the southern axis of the Gaza Strip, there has been no significant change in the Khan Yunis front, and the control lines in this city have not changed compared to recent days.

The latest military situation in the Gaza Strip – click to view in full size
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  1. Grigri says:

    Beit Hanoun was completely submitted and cleared by Israeli forces, that is why they advanced their military to other positions in the South of Beit Hanoun. Why would they keep them in a dead place? It should still be drawn in blue, as under control of Israel, because there is no Hamas there to claim it. Or yellow, if you are not certain. But green? It is the opposite of what happened there.