Latest Military Situation In The Gaza Strip; 86th Day Of Battles (Map)

Monday 1 January 2024 - 10:35

Review of the latest military situation in the northern and southern fronts of the Gaza Strip after 86 days of fighting.

In the northern axis of the Gaza Strip, clashes continue in Jabalia refugee camp and central areas of the Gaza city, as well as in some areas of Sheikh Radwan, Al-Tuffah, and Al-Daraj. The Israeli regime’s military forces have been slowly advancing in the central part of the Gaza City over the past four days, clearing areas and creating new pockets of encirclement. In case this trend continues, it appears that the central areas of the Gaza City will soon come under complete control of the occupying Israeli army. In the Beit Lahia axis, the Israeli regime’s military forces have been advancing in the northern part of the region.

In the central axis of the Gaza Strip, Israeli military forces have entered Al-Bureij refugee camp for about four days and have expanded the scope of their advance. Currently, intense fighting is ongoing inside Al-Bureij refugee camp and to the east of Al-Maghazi town. It seems that the Israeli regime’s army intends to first fully occupy Al-Bureij camp and then move on to Al-Maghazi town and Al-Nusairat camp.

In the southern axis of the Gaza Strip, over the past week, the Israeli regime’s military forces have been slowly but continuously advancing in the urban area of Khan Yunis city and its outskirts.

In the southern outskirts of Khan Yunis in the Khuza’a axis, Israeli military forces have increased their scope of advance to some extent. In the eastern outskirts of Khan Yunis, in the Al-Sureij and Al-Qarara areas, the Israeli regime’s forces have advanced from two directions, completely occupied the Al-Sureij area, and tightened the encirclement of the Al-Qarara area. Partial advances have also been made towards Salah al-Din Street in western Bani Suhaila.

In the northern part of Khan Yunis, Israeli forces have expanded their scope of advance towards the north and occupied more areas. In this axis, the Israeli regime’s army has literally destroyed Khan Yunis and nearly half of its eastern and northeastern parts have been wiped off the map! A comparison and examination of satellite images before and after the ongoing invasion by the Israeli regime’s occupying forces in this area clearly shows that farms and urban structures have been deliberately destroyed and leveled by heavy bombardments and then by Israeli bulldozers.

The latest military situation in the Gaza Strip – click to view in full size
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