Latest Military Situation In The Gaza Strip; 90th Day Of Battles (Map)

Thursday 4 January 2024 - 22:21

Review of the latest military situation in the Gaza Strip after 90 days of fighting.

Three months have passed since the beginning of the war and during this time we have witnessed many events and many ups and downs. In these 90 days, the criminal regime of Israel has martyred 22,438 Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip and has set a new record of brutality in the history of mankind. The depth of this tragedy becomes more clear when we know that about 70% of the martyrs are children and women!

On the other side, according to the Israeli regime, about 500 Israeli servicemen were killed in the first days of the war and after the ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. But unofficial statistics claim that the casualties of the Israeli army are more than 3,500.

In the field and after the ground entry of the Israeli army into the Gaza Strip, so far something like 50% of the Gaza Strip has been occupied by Israeli forces. The Israelis are using the scorched earth policy to advance in different areas of the Gaza Strip, and after occupying new areas with the aim of destroying life in Gaza, they are again destroying the infrastructure as much as possible. Therefore, we see a lot of destruction. The extent of these destructions can be clearly seen in satellite images.

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The latest military situation in the Gaza Strip is as follows: In general, the military situation in different areas of the Gaza Strip has not changed significantly compared to the last four days, and the conflicts continue sporadically in all axes.
In the north of the Gaza Strip, clashes continue around the Jabalia camp and parts of Sheikh Radwan, Al-Tuffah and Al-Daraj neighborhoods.
In the middle of the Gaza Strip, the conflicts in the south and east of al-Maghazi continue fiercely. In Al-Bureij, Israeli forces are still present in the southern parts of this town and the clashes continue inside Al-Bureij. In Nuseirat, clashes continue in the east and north of this camp. Based on field information, it seems that the Israeli army has succeeded in making limited advances in north of Nuseirat.
In the south of the Gaza Strip, clashes continue in the central areas of the city of Khan Yunis. During the last four days, no progress has been reported, however, the only change is related to the Khan Yunis Municipality building. Israeli forces have occupied the Khan Yunis Municipality building near Abu Hamid square in the center of the city.

The latest military situation in the Gaza Strip – click to view in full size
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