Yemeni Ansar Allah Movement’s Diplomatic Delegation Visits Russia

Friday 26 January 2024 - 22:47

On January 25, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has announced that Mikhail Bogdanov, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, hosted a delegation of the Ansar Allah movement of Yemen, led by spokesman for the movement Mohammed Abdul-Salam, in the Russian capital city of Moscow.

In this meeting, in addition to discussing regional tensions and the current situation in Palestine and the Red Sea, the two sides exchanged views on ways to resolve the military and political crisis in Yemen, and emphasized the efforts of influential countries and international organizations to hold negotiations between the various political factions of Yemen.

Russian and Yemeni officials also condemned the US-UK airstrikes against Yemen, considering their measures as the root cause of insecurity and instability in the West Asia region

The visit and meeting of the Ansar Allah movement’s officials in Russia is not a new development, as there have been multiple meetings and discussions between Abdul-Salam and Bogdanov in recent years. However, the significant aspect of this visit is the formation of this meeting in this volatile period of time.

The common ground between the Ansar Allah movement of Yemen and the Russian Federation lies in their opposition to US projects in the West Asia region, and Moscow considers direct military engagement by the Ansar Allah movement with the US-led coalition in the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea as highly important.

It can be considered that the Russian Federation’s main goal is to keep the US and the European Union occupied in this region, while the Ansar Allah movement’s main objective in this relation is to gain legitimacy and attract support from the Russian government regarding internal issues of Yemen and the future decisions to be made by the United Nations Security Council.

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