Latest Updates on Yemen 23 November 2018; UN Special Envoy in al Hudaydah

Saturday 24 November 2018 - 15:25

Latest news from Taiz and Nihm frontlines and UN special envoy in Hudadyah

1. Al Hudaydah:
– AnsarAllah attack to Saudi Coalition position in Jabilah and 16 km.
– Shooting down Saudi Coalition drone in Jabaliyah; photos showing AnsarAllah attacks to Saudi Coalition in suburb of Jabaliyah.


2. AnsarAllah drone attack to Saudi Coalition forces gathering point in Fardhat Nihm.


3. Martin Griffiths, UN special envoy in Yemen affairs, entered Sanaa on Wednesday and met with AnsarAllah leader Sayed Abdul Malik Badruddin Houthi, Muhammad Ali Al Houthi and Mahdi Al Mashat.
He visited al Hudaydah on Friday and saw the aftermath of war and Saudi Coalition airraids. Martin Griffithsin his speech was hoping that future negotiations in Sweden between confronting sides in Yemen.

He also mentioned that he talked with AnsarAllah leaders regarding UN monitoring process in establishing peace and security in al Hudaydah.


4. Taiz:
– Saudi Coalition activated southern fronts and in Rahidah and Hayfan axes attacked AnsarAllah heavily in the past few days.
– Coalition media claim to attack Jales mount and Hamam and occupy Thurah school in southeast of Rahidah in  Rahidah eastern front and in Qubaytah front (north of Lahij) claim to occupy Karb and Mashqar heights.
– AnsarAllah claim to defend attacks in Qubaytah axis and declined Coalition advances after nine hours of engagement.

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