US Reckless Airstrikes on ISIS Controlled Lands; Civilians Casualties Increase

Friday, 30 November 2018 - 08:24

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Thursday morning, US Coalition bombed a hospital in Sha’fah village which resulted in death and injury of sick and civilian people.

During the last ten days, US Coalition air and artillery attacks have increased in ISIS occupied lands in eastern Euphrates River, which resulted in destruction and civilians casualties.


On Thursday morning a hospital in Sha’fah village was attacked by US Coalition fighters which resulted in death and injury of more than 60 civilians.


On Wednesday also US Coalition fighters severely attacked Qal’ah region in Kishmah village which resulted in death of many civilians in addition to death of 30 ISIS terrorists.

Some sources report of 100 deaths.

Due to these attacks ten houses and two ISIS prisons destroyed completely.
ISIS was using the prisons to imprison the region inhabitants and some were in jail for a long time.
Also some of captive SDF who were captured during the recent attacks in Hajin area, were kept in these prisons that a cording to latest reports six of captive SDF troops are killed in US coalition airstrikes.


Reckless airstrikes by US Coalition causing death of numerous civilians in ISIS occupied lands while international organizations are silent; aren’t people living in ISIS occupied lands humans?!

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