Israeli Operation “Northern Shield” in Northern Border of Palestine

Thursday, 6 December 2018 - 06:47

Islamic World News Analysis Group: From two days ago Israeli Regime started an operation to discover so called Hezbollah attack tunnels in northern border of occupied Palestine.

Israeli Regime reported officially about the start of Northern Shield.


It is noteworthy that the operation started from two nights ago to find proclaimed tunnel network of Hezbollah from Lebanese to Palestinian soil and is a threat to Israel security.


Many specialists believe that this operation at this time period when Netanyahu is under pressure due to many defeats in Gaza, south of Palestine, is an effort by him to restore his credit and cover Israel defeats.
Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli War Minister, who resigned after the defeat in Gaza strip stated that northern tunnels are not important and southern front is more important and dangerous.


An important point of this operation is Israel’s on and off behavior with this tunnel network:
From one aspect, Israel by putting up a show in social media proclaims that trying to confront Hezbollah threats and from another aspect it is sending different messages to Hezbollah that this operation is only inside occupied Palestine lands and not trying to increase the tension.


So far Israel releasing videos and photos proclaims discovered a Hezbollah tunnel near Kafr Kela village which goes into occupied Palestine.


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