Latest Updates on Yemen 6 December 2018, Latest News From Frontlines and Sweden Talks

Friday 7 December 2018 - 14:19

Latest news from Sweden talks and Hudaydah, Nihm and Dhale’ frontlines.

1. According to a United Nations envoy, the talks between Yemenis will start tomorrow in Sweden.

Martin Griffiths: The agreement on the exchange of prisoners was signed between the parties in Yemen. We will discuss the issue of Sanaa airport and captives; the parties should take this opportunity.

The Saudi coalition delegation also opposed the cease-fire during the talks.

Mohammed al-Bukhaiti, field commander and member of the Ansar Allah political office: The first goal of the Sweden talks is to create a political framework for the next negotiation; The second goal relates to the human process and the conditions of the Yemeni economy and to open all the land, sea and air passages, as well as the exchange of prisoners.


2. Al Hudaydah

– Ansar Allah shot down a Coalition UAV in Nana square.

– Saudi Coalition fired more than 60 rockets to 16km(Nana square).

– According to the Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman, the Saudi coalition attacks to south, west and north of Durayhimi repelled by Ansar Allah after 5 hours of battle and Saudi Coalition warplanes hit the area 9 times.


3. Heavy clashes in western front of Al Sadis and Qays heights in Najran border.

Clashes on this axis continued with Apache helicopter attacks for 8 hours.

Ansar Allah fired more than 50 rockets to gathering of Saudi forces.


4. Dhale’

Ansar Allah repelled Saudi Coalition attacks to Damt.

Ansar Allah claim that 28 forces of Hizam al Amni(UAE forces) were killed and more than 64 were wounded.


5. Nihm

Qasef-1 UAV attacks to gathering of Saudi forces in Fardhat Nihm.


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