Infographic | Taliban’s Report From 2018

Tuesday, 1 January 2019 - 14:29

The Taliban released an official statement summing up its claims on results of its attacks across the country.

According to the Taliban, its members:

– Carried out 10,638 attacks, including 31 suicide attacks;
– Killed 249 US and other foreign troops and injured 153 others;
– Killed 22,594 troops, intelligence operatives, commandos and police officers loyal to the Kabul government and injured 14,063 others;

– Killed 514 local and Afghan Army commanders across the country;
– Destroyed 3,613 military and non-military vehicles and shot down 26 aircraft including 8 UAVs, 17 helicopters of foreign and internal forces;
– Captured 29 district administration centers.


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