The History of Turkey’s Army Entrance to north of Iraq + Statistics About their Bases in Iraq Territory

Monday, 28 January 2019 - 10:39

The history of their entrance to northern Iraq goes back to 1982 and the agreement between these to countries. According to the agreement Turkey is allowed to enter Iraq’s soil up to 20 kilometer.

After that agreement, Turkey’s Army have entered Iraq’s soil several times in the years of 1992, 1995, 1996 and 1997, specially in 1996 and 1997 which Turkey stationed its forces in Iraq’s Kurdistan and with Barzani’s party consent they established a couple of bases in Dohuk province.


According to official and unofficial statistics, right now there are 3000 Turkish troops in northern Iraq.


When ISIS entered Iraq and occupied a part of Iraq, Turkey moved more than 1200 of its forces to Bashiqah which provoked many internal and foreign complains.


Also in 2018 Turkey’s army advanced 30 kilometers into Iraq’s Kurdistan and deployed its special forces to villages of Bermiz and Shapan in Sidekan & Bradost region.


According the published statistics, the number of Turkish military and intelligence bases ,which are established in controlled areas of Iraq’s Kurdistan and the Central Government, reaches to 19 base which 15 of them are military and 4 are intelligence.


The Turkey’s Army bases are as follows:

– The Kani Masi military base which is the biggest military base of Turkey in terms of the numbers of soldiers and it is located around the urban area of Amadiyya (Amedi) in Kani Masi region.

– The Bamarni military and logistic base which also is a military airfield; one of the biggest logistic bases of Turkey and considered to be the biggest intelligence service in Iraq.

– The Seri military base around Amadiyya (Amedi) in Sheladze region.

– The Gali Sarzer military base in Ghaza’ of Amadiyya

– The Kopek military base around Amadiyya.

– The Qamri military base in Barwari’s region and south of Matin mountain.

– The Kukh Sepi military base in Ora village located in Barwari Bala region, around Amadiyya.

– The Sinem military base in Barwari region around Amadiyya.

– The Gerebi military base in Bie village around Zakhu.

– The Gali Zakhu military base.

– The Batifa base which is an intelligence center for Turkey around Zakhu.

– The Shrat military base located between Batifa town and Robski village.

– The Dari military base in Batifa region.

– The military base of Zelkan’s region which is located in Maqlub mountain in Bashiqa region, north of Mosul. Around 900 military men are stationed in this military base.

– The Turkey’s military bae in Bashiqa mountain.

– The MIT intelligence base in the city of Amadiyya.

– The MIT intelligence base in Batifa region in Zakhu.

– The MIT intelligence base in Zakhu in Bidari neighbourhood

– The MIT intelligence base in Duhok city in Gere Baseh neighbourhood.

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