Latest Updates on Qatabah Battle, Dhale Province 10 May 2019

Friday, 10 May 2019 - 19:42

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah and Popular Committees of Yemen continue their efforts to completely liberate Qatabah city from Saudi-led forces.

On Thursday, Ansar Allah and Popular Committees advanced in the eastern part of the city to outflank the Saudi backed forces inside the Qatabah by capturing the prison and central security camp but eventually the attacks were repelled.

Also, Ansar Allah forces infiltrated the city last night, but the attacks were not successful either.
Over the past few days, Saudi Coalition Warplanes and artillery have been bombarded Hamar, Shakhab and Al Olalah military camp, in order to weaken the Ansar Allah positions.
The liberation of Qatabah will have a huge impact on the Saudi Coalition presence in this axis and helps the Ansar Allah for liberation of other important areas; therefore the Saudi Coalition is strongly resisting in the region.

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طی چند روز گذشته جنگنده ها و توپخانه ائتلاف سعودی مناطق حمر و شخب و همچنین کمپ نظامی العللة را به منظور تضعیف نیروهای انصارالله بشدت بمباران کرده اند.

آزادسازی شهر قعطبه ضربه بسیار بزرگی بر پیکره ائتلاف سعودی در این محور خواهد بود و موجبات آزادسازی مناطق مهم دیگری را فراهم میکند؛ از این رو ائتلاف سعودی بشدت در این منطقه مقاومت می کند.

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