What is Happening in Al Sudays?

Saturday, 22 June 2019 - 18:11

After the latest advances of Ansar Allah forces in Al Sudays front in Al Souh region, no special changes happened on the ground, and mostly there are sporadic but constant fights in southern regions of Al Sudays between the two sides.

Of course in these attacks by Ansar Allah, they have the upper hand, and they are taking high casualties from Saudis by their “Hit and Run” attacks.

The common mistake which some news agencies do about this region is that they consider the Ansar Allah’s operations and advances inside of Saudi Arabia and it is wrong.

In other words, this is correct that the main part of Al Sudays is out of Yemen border; but during last weeks the fights and advances of Ansar Allah took place in southern parts of Al Sudays , and is being named as Qibalat Al Sudays by Yemeni media.
Two days ago, Ansar Allah fired a Badr-F missile on Saudi Coalition positions in Al Souh area. This shows that Ansar Allah at least retreated from its latest advances in Al Souh area. Of course this is Ansar Allah’s “Hit and Run” war strategy which takes the element of stabilizing the region from the enemy.
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