Bernard Levy, a mysterious man who was hid in chaos of Iraqi Kurdistan referendum

Friday 29 September 2017 - 12:56

We can surly say that in recent years, wherever chaos existed, there is a trace of a man named Bernard Henri Levy!

Many analysts call him one of the main theoreticians of the “Arab Spring” in the region, and now his presence in Iraq and under such circumstances can not be for no reason!

Looking at the depths of the sensitive events of the region, you can clearly see the presence of Bernard, from Afghanistan to Sudan, from Egypt to Tunisia and Libya, from Bosnia to Ukraine, and … He is everywhere! in the anti-Muammar Gaddafi rebel room, along with Ahmad Shah Massoud, along with the leader of the South Sudan rebels, … And in his last major presence in the region in the Kurdish region of Iraq on the day of the referendum and meeting with the Barzani family.

Bernard-Henri Lévy with Massoud Barzani, the Day After the Kurdistan Referendum

Bernard-Henry Levy introduces himself as a proud Jew. Apart from more than forty years of intellectual and practical work in numerous books and numerous articles in the press with a variety of topics, his work record can be divided into three categories:

1- Complete opposition to the political and legal manifestations of Islam

Levy, who was named the forty-fifth most influential Jewish figure in the 2010 Israeli Jerusalem Post, and his followers believed he is the greatest current think-thanker of France

In one of his latest books, “Left in Dark Times: A Stand Against the New Barbarism” has shown how he thinks of Islamism.

Critics of the book believe that in this book, he has equated terrorism, Islamism, and Arab mentality to justifying the persistence of colonialist violence in the Middle East.

In other words, Levy has tried to summarize the resistance of people in the colonized countries as a violence, and  make it irrational and justify its suppression

Levi, who introduce the veil of Muslim women as a means of desegregation them, introduced their ideal Islam the kind of Islam that is in Kurdish region of Iraq.

2- Unconditional support for the Israeli regime

In 1967, when Bernard Henry Levy was 19, when he informed of the war between the Arabs and Israel, quickly went to the embassy in Paris to declare readiness to go to war, but the six-day war lasted less than that Levy couldn’t take the opportunity to go to the occupied territories.

43 years later, Levy said that he “does not recognize any army more democratic than the Israeli army,” which showed that he still has an indefinite commitment to this regime, which is also apparent from the many images of his meeting with the senior officials of the regime.

Meeting with Shimon Peres

3- Constant presence in the bloody chaos of the Islamic world

Levy wrote his first known book in 1973 two years after the break-up of Pakistan into two parts of Pakistan and Bangladesh about nationalism in Bangladesh and from that day on, not only commented and acted on the riots of the Islamic world but also he has been present in them.

In the middle of the last decade of the twentieth century, Levy was present in Bosnia, then headed for Afghanistan, and met with Abdul Rashid Dostum and Ahmad Shah Massoud.

He was present in southern Sudan in the era of separatism;

In 2008, in Russian-Georgian conflict he supported the west-backed side in Georgia;

in 2011 with rising conflicts in arab countries he participated in libyan war and convinced his old friend nicola sarkozy to military interfere in Libya; in the same years, he tried many times to justify military intervention in Syria and to overthrow the government of Syria;

In 2014 and 2015 he pursued the goals of the Russian opposition in Ukraine;

and his year he started filming to justify her favorite map, “breakdown of countries in region into smaller countries”

Along with the South Sudanese rebels
Meeting with South Sudanese rebel leader John Garang
Meeting with Ahmad Shah Massoud
In Bosnia
Bernard Levy In Bamyan, Afghanistan
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  1. Guy says:

    And don’t forget this political manipulator is with Doctors without Borders one of the forgers of the so-called “right to intervene” -a justification for western military action against poor and small countries!