Infographic: Martyr Saleh Al Sammad Missile and Drone Exhibition
Gallery, Image, Media, Middle East, News, Yemen 08 July 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: On Sunday, the exhibition of military achievements of the Yemen Armed Forces with name of “Martyr Saleh Al Sammad” opened with presence of Mahdi Al Mashat, Head of the Yemeni High Political Council and other Yemeni army high ranking officials.

Yemen Armed Forces(loyal to Ansar Allah) revealed new missiles and drones, including Sammad-1 UAV, Sammad-3 UCAV, Qasef-K2 loitering munition and Quds-1 cruise missile, during the exhibition.
Also Rased UAV, Burkan-1 ballistic missile, Burkan-H2 ballistic missile, Qahir M2 ballistic missile, Badr-1 ballistic missile, Badr-P1 ballistic missile, Badr-F ballistic missile appeared at the exhibition.


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