Video: Footages Show US Navy USS Boxer Recorded by Iranian Drone; Trump’s Proclaim in Hitting the Drone is False + IRGC Statement

Friday, 19 July 2019 - 18:30

IRGC released footages showing US Navy USS Boxer in Persian Gulf recorded by a drone while President Trump proclaimed that the Iranian drone was shot down and destroyed by USS Boxer!

Following the promise to show the footages recorded by IRGC Aerospace Force’s drones of American USS Boxer, which was proclaimed to be shot down on Thursday over the Strait of Hormuz, IRGC published the footages of the drone’s mission showing the falsehood of the proclaim of American media.
According to IRGC statement, under complete surveillance of Armed Forces, IRGC Aerospace Force yesterday (18 July 2019), in one of the routine missions, recorded USS Boxer and 5 other ships entering Strait of Hormuz for 3 hours under complete watching and during this time, our drone bases did not record any hostile act by US terrorist forces in the aforementioned ship.
Thus, proclaiming to shoot down an Iranian drone over the Strait of Hormuz without any proof and evidence is a lie and was proved Americans’ assertion is false.
Approximate coordinate of USS Boxer in Persian Gulf:

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