Iraq in the Past Week; Headlines + Images

Friday 9 August 2019 - 20:54

US spy drone fell over Ridhwaniyah area, west of Baghdad

– Third stage of military operation “Will of Victory” to clear areas in provinces Diyala in east and Nineveh in north of Iraq in collaboration with Army, Police, Hashad Sha’abi and with support of Air Force has been accomplished successfully.
Adil Abdul-Mahdi, Iraq’s Prime Minister and Commander in Chief, visited Will of Victory’s command room.
– A US spy drone fell over Ridhwaniyah area, west of Baghdad.
In photos no damage can be seen in the fuselage.
– Ayatullah Isa Qassim: United nation needs a unique Imam(leader) which is at the pinnacle of knowledge and piety.
Spiritual leader of Bahrain’s Shias in a meeting with spokesperson of Islamic Resistance of Nojaba emphasizing on unity of Muslims and avoiding racial discrimination said: Today Shias, Sunnis and even Christians are targets of enemy and should be united.
– Syrian and Iraqi Armies commanders in a field meeting examined reopening of Bu Kamal-Al Qaem border passage.
– Intelligence unit of Hashad Sha’abi arrested Hamza Al Shamri, head of a drug trafficking cartel, with 25 others in an operation.
They sealed several places of gambling, night clubs and other Islamic uncanonical places run by Al Shamri.
– Some sources according to Amaq claimed, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, leader of terrorist ISIS group, assigned Abdullah Qardash entitled “Abu Omar Turkmani” an Iraqi Tal Afar Turkmen as his deputy.
– Othman al-Ghanmi, Iraq’s Chief of Staff, visiting UK to participate UK Royal military parade. UK to appreciate Othman al-Ghanmi.
– Ziyad Khalifah Tamimi, commander of 24th brigade of Hashad Sha’abi, is assigned to general inspector of Defense Ministry by Adil Abdul-Mahdi.

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