Airstrikes to Turkish Observation Posts in Sher Mughar

Wednesday, 28 August 2019 - 16:03

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to militia media, Syrian or Russian fighters raided some targets near Turkish observation post in Sher Mughar.

Turkish observation posts in south of Idlib province become a safe heaven for terrorists and they use it to avoid Russian and Syrian airstrikes.
In recent operation by Syrian Army in south of Khan Sheikhun obvious footages were released clearly showing terrorists tanks entering the Turkish observation post in Morek.
Turkish observation post in Morek is under siege by Syrian Army and Turkish observation post in Sher Mughar situation is not clear to observing what?! Since it is clearly at the frontline between Syrian Army and militia and is out of its primary mission to observing the ceasefire.
Later, Turkey has denied all reports claiming that its observation post in Sher Mughar was subjected to a series of airstrikes.

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