Noisy Iraqi Operation Supported by US Coalition Against ISIS North of Saladin + Video and Images

Thursday 12 September 19 - 10:06

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iraqi forces launched an operation named “Black Soil” in the Zur Kan’us area northeast of Saladin province with heavy US-led coalition air support against ISIS remnants in the area.

After the Hawijah liberation operation in the west of Kirkuk province in 2017, as well as the Al Qayyarah operation and the defeat of ISIS in the area, the remaining ISIS terrorists fled to the island of Kanus and since then, despite evidence, information and specific ISIS activities in the area and even despite clear information which provided on ISIS activity in the area by social media, no effective military operations were carried out by the US-led coalition and Iraqi forces to root out terrorists in Kan’us.
After 2017, the island of Kan’us in the north of Saladin province became an important ISIS base in northern Iraq, a base used by ISIS to organize terrorist attacks against Mosul, Makhmour and Kirkuk.
But now American troops have begun military operations in the area with a long delay and with noisy media coversge aimed at propaganda and show of power.
According to a statement by the US-led coalition, 36,000 kilograms of bombs were thrown at ISIS in the Kanus area. The US has also used its F15s and new F35s fighters for these air strikes.


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