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Monday 31 May 21 - 11:48

Iraq: Five Grad rockets discovered in Kirkuk

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iraq’s Counter Terrorism Service with aid of Kirkuk police of Iraq discovered five ready to launch Grad rockets in Ihsar village of Altun Kupri area, Kirkuk province.

Tuesday 28 April 20 - 17:41

Terrorist attack on the Iraqi intelligence office in Kirkuk

According to reports, two suicide bombers blew themselves up at the entrance to the intelligence office (in the al-Qadisiyah area) hours after information was leaked about the entry of several terrorists into the city of Kirkuk.

Monday 13 April 20 - 12:47

ISIS extensive attacks to Kirkuk

ISWNews Analysis Group: In the last few days, several ISIS terrorists attacked Iraqi forces positions in Kirkuk.

Monday 13 April 20 - 12:42

Latest updates on Iraq, 12 April 2020

1. Abu Ali al Welaei, secretary general of Sayyid al-Shuhada brigades:When the blood of martyrs is a mean to reach power, revenge is a grace. When confusion is a sign of weakness, resistance is being faithful to martyred commanders. We and they are waiting! 2. Washington Post: Patriot SAMs in Ain al Assad and Harir […]

Saturday 28 December 19 - 09:57

Rocket attack by unknown gunmen on K1 base

ISWNews Analysis Group: An American contractor was killed and several others were injured in a rocket attack last night on K1 military base in Kirkuk province.

Friday 21 June 19 - 16:27

Iraq in the Past Week; Summary of News

Ayatullah Sistani office statement regarding the fifth anniversary of fatwa of Hashad Sha’abi foundation and jihad against ISIS terrorist group: If Iraqis did not unite and political parties did not put their differences away and if friend countries’ helps did not help, we could not win over ISIS.