Map: Latest Updates on Situation in Northwest of Syria, 13 September 2019

Saturday 14 September 19 - 19:54

Syrian Army started the big operation “Dawn of Idlib” that was expected by everyone on 3 May 2019 in northwest of Syria and Idlib and reclaimed vast areas in south of Idlib and northwest of Hama by 30 August 2019.

Syrian Army operation took 4 month and 10 days and important towns such as Qalaat Madiq, Kafr Nabuda, Lataminah, Kafr Zita, Morek and Khan Sheikhun were liberated.
– One of the interesting points of this operation is that Turkish observation post besieged in east of Morek by Syrian Army. After liberation of strategic town Khan Sheikhun in south of Idlib and terrorists besieged in Kafr Zita-Lataminah-Morek triangle, Turkish Army did not evacuate the observation post in Morek and in despite of clearing the area from terrorists, Turkish Army is still in its observation post and does not want to evacuate. It is not clear yet why Turkish forces are still in this useless observation post!
– Another point is the almost complete dissociation of Jaish Al Izzah terrorists.
Jaish Al Izza terrorists that before the operation were main militants in northwest of Hama in Lataminah, Kafr Zita and Kafr Nabuda areas, suffered heavy casualties due to the operation and operationally are destroyed and if Turkish military aids did not come, this group would be completely destroyed.
Some aspects of the operation are as follows:
– Liberation of Kafr Nabuda and breaking the taboo that militants are invincible.
Frontlines of northwest of Hama were untouched for several years and this relayed the thought that militia are invincible in this frontline and they can resist in the area for a long time. The last time Syrian Army tried to breach into Kafr Nabuda town goes back to several years ago that militia resisted severely and held the town and it ended.
Destroying the taboo of Kafr Nabuda is a big blow to militia that not only ends the myth of their invincibility but also a start for Syrian Army’s victory.
And the Syrian Army started the operation from where it was left years ago and Kafr Nabuda was liberated after several days of engagement and with the aid of artillery and airstrikes.
– Qalaat Madiq symbol of militia in south of Ghab Plain.
Historical place of Qalaat Madiq is actually symbol of militia resistance and an important place for them in south of Ghab Plain plains. Liberation of this town, actually destroyed their symbol of resistance.
– Khan Sheikhun:
Maybe if last year it was said that Syrian Army can liberate the strategic town Khan Sheikhun in south of Idlib on M5 highway in 4 months, it would be absurd or unbelievable.
Khan Sheikhun city was militia’s most important and strategic defense line in south of Idlib and most of their collaborations took place from this town.
In fact, liberation of Khan Sheikhun was the final nail in the coffin of militia in this area.
Syrian Army took a long leap to infiltrate in depth of Idlib province and reopening the highway by reclaiming Khan Sheikhun.
An important advance that its benefits will be clear when Syrian Army operation second stage is started.

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Purple color shows areas liberated by Syrian Army until 30 August 2019.
The map date has been set to August 30 in accordance with the latest field changes.

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