Eventually Ansar Allah officially unveils information about its major operation in northern Saada

Saturday 28 September 2019 - 21:47

ISWNews Analysis Group: Brigadier Yahya Al Sari, the Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman after weeks of silence unveiled the information of the AnsarAllah’s recent operation in north of Saadah and Najran border.

Yahya Al Sari said:
– Operation ‘Nasr Min Allah’ is the enemy’s biggest surprise since the invasion to Yemen.
– Six full brigades of enemy were destroyed and hundreds of military and armored vehicles were captured during this major operation.
– The number of enemy casualties and captives in the operation of ‘Nasr Min Allah’ is thousands.
– Our forces in this operation succeeded in sieging of three brigades of enemy forces just after 72 hours after the start of the operation.
– During the operation, hundreds of kilometers were liberated along the Najran border.
– The enemy intended to bomb its forces after they surrendered to Ansar Allah. We reassure the captive families that we will protect the captives from the strikes of Saudi warplanes.
– During this operation, our missile units, air forces and air defense units participated and supported the forces on the front.
– More details about the operation will be announced in the future.
– We congratulate this great divine victory on the people, the army, and the popular committees, and regard it as the fruit of people’s resistance.
– We congratulate this great divine victory to people, the Army, and the popular committees, and regard it as the fruit of people’s resistance.
Brigadier Yahya Al Sari also announced that in the coming days, images of the operation that would indicate heavy losses and casualties to the Saudi coalition in the conflict will be released.

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